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Aujourd’hui je vous emmène en visite dans la province de l’Uppland à la découverte d’un chemin processionnel, de tumuli, de tertres, ainsi que d’un labyrinthe magique… Bienvenue à Rösaring ! Rösaring se trouve sur le territoire de Låssa, dans l’Uppland. Cet emplacement fut sans doute choisi à l’époque pour sa localisation en hauteur, avec une […]

12 July 2020

Magic Vikings

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Magic wands, seeresses and Vikings. It is a subject as wide as it is fascinating that I will write about here in broad terms. It’s a little long, so hang on but don’t be afraid: this article is not bewitched. Vikings who do magic, what does that mean? You can imagine that the practice of […]

9 August 2019

Vikings just wanna have fun

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The ones we call Vikings are well known for their raids and explorations. What about the everyday life? How did Viking Age people enjoy their free time? Let’s go around and look at the idea of fun for our old Nordic friends. Toys and figures We can’t find a lot of information about what Viking […]

22 May 2019