Magic Vikings

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Magic wands, seeresses and Vikings. It is a subject as wide as it is fascinating that I will write about here in broad terms. It’s a little long, so hang on but don’t be afraid: this article is not bewitched. Vikings who do magic, what does that mean? You can imagine that the practice of […]

9 August 2019

Tattoo and archaeology: Part I

Archaeology, Articles in English

Nowadays, getting a tattoo is a fairly mainstream thing. But tattooing is a veeeery old art… What tools were used then? What were the symbols of a tattoo for various civilizations? And who were the tattoo artists? Since one article is definitely not enough to deal with this complex topic, I’ll write about it with […]

21 June 2019

Tatouage et archéologie : première partie

Archaeology, Articles en français

De nos jours, le tatouage est devenu un accessoire assez mainstream. Mais le tatouage est un art trèèèès ancien… Quels outils étaient alors utilisés ? Quelles étaient les symboliques d’un tatouage selon les civilisations ? Et puis, qui pratiquait le tatouage ? Puisqu’un article n’est définitivement pas suffisant pour traiter ce sujet complexe, je vous […]

18 June 2019